The Lounge King Radio Show - ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

I must tell everyone of this guy, he goes by the name " The Lounge King" check out his site!

He does radio shows and plays some of the most unique sounds I have ever heard of. He has a few cd's out and I think you can actually download some of his music. I listen to him almost every friday from

The show is normally about 2:00 pm est. His show offers great music with a touch of comedy, and his deep voice seduces you while you listen. What more can you ask for as a lounge enthusiast. His musical assistant, is secret agent 69 DJ-ette. She provides comedic relief and sometimes interviews artists during the show. Try to catch this one if you can. On his site has all the stations he plays at during the week, I normally only catch the one on friday.