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I wrote this great little article on where to listen to Lounge Radio Stations online. This eclectic style of music is not always easy to find. So I created a home for a list of Lounge Music Websites. If you know of any that are not listed, please leave the website name in the comments section either here or on the article. Thank you

Magnolia Radio Is simply Bliss, Great addition to our Pro Lounge Network

A relaxing Composition of music that fuses the Lounge, Jazz, ambient, and down tempo styles. Perfect for a ProLounge evening or unwinding from the week. I am a fanatic of Pro Lounge music, but I find this station to play stress releiving music. It has about 75% of the music I like as no station is perfect. They also offer 4 different ways to stream the station. Win amp, Real player, Windows media, and iTunes.

*NEW* Music Radio Station

check it out. Hope you enjoy! I really enjoy live music stations that don't have commercials! Played straight from the clubs! Hells Yea

Gotta listen to Agent 69

Every Friday: 21:00 - 22:00 >> The Super Agent 69 show
The Super Agent 69 was born in Paris, France. She graduated with honors, became a Top Agent for the E.U., played the lady DJ role touring around Europe, which happened to be the "perrrfect" cover for her secret missions. Her expertise (and lethal weapons) are her vinyl records and CDs (which she uses as deadly frisbees against her enemies).
She has played in many bars, festivals and lounges around Paris (where she met The Lounge King). People say that she is the "Tomb Raider of the Turntables", but she prefers to call herself just an "ambientatrice", someone capable to create a seductive atmosphere. She also spins for the city of Montreal (and for the world thanks to the worldwide web)....
Chill out, ambient and irresistible electronic beats are yours every Sunday night from 10pm to midnight (Eastern time) on ATMOSPHERE 69 at the 95.9 of the dial (Mix 96). She is the young, sexy, beautiful, and inseparable top friend, lover, and protector of the Lounge King.

More informations:

Must Have More lounge King

Every Friday: 20:00 - 21:00 // The Lounge King show

Well, the main question for many has been: Who is the Lounge King?! Known well as "El Muñecon" in Mexico and Spain, The Lounge King is a retired top agent (for Latinamerica, and yes, he is a "00") and is always surrounded by beautiful and INTELLIGENT women and his loyal mexican butler "Dimas". It was in 1997 in the city of Mexico when the Lounge King officially appeared in public under the name of "El Muñecon" (this character was responsible for bringing and starting the lounge movement in Mexico and now he is doing the same thing in Canada.) The story behind the Lounge King is complex and interesting...
He is writing his memories for a movie, by the way. Many years ago he stopped believing in the american dream, but he does like his luxuries and comfort. The Lounge King used to say, "People do not change but transform." He cares about the future of the media, the human society (one of his big passions are women) and the planet. He knows "too much" about international unsolved mysteries, but he also knows how to live "la vida lounge". What he doesn't know is that all those intelligent women around him are really AGENTS that are protecting him of his enemies.

The Lounge King Site

New Prolounge Events live on internet radio

Every Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00 and Thursday 23:00 - 00:00 >> KONTEMPO (freestyle show)

Tschügge J. Buchs can be counted to the nugroove pioneers of Switzerland. He's DJ’ing since 1994 and co-founder of the Zurich and Baden based groove-collective Loungechic Productions (Stereo Deluxe). Alone or together with Robert Hacaturyan and David Stauffacher (percussions), Heinz Winter (various instruments) and DJ Mario Walser, he’s playing contemporary premium clubmusic – phat basses n’ funky beats. Limits don't exist.

ProLounge.blogspot loves pandora !

I just found out Pandora radio now offers its free services on your phone. How cool is that!Now you can listen to your favorite lounge artists on your phone which if your like me and have a mp3/ music phone you can listen to it anywhere. Just like your mp3 player! This is exciting! All they need to do now is find a way to put it into my car! like XM satellite radio. The more often I can listen to Prolounge music the happier I will be.

Zero 7 ( Lounge music)

I have been listening to this band for some time now. They are absolutly great! The artists have such a sexy, seducing voice. With great instrumentals in the background to make you feel soo relaxed.

Please Visit this link if your interested in Zero 7

Cant say Enough Good Things About Downshiftradio

DJ SS Garcia

DJ S.S. Garcia (Sexy and Soulful)

This guy can play a great set. I have been listening to this guy for years now, and I have watched him progress, and progress. He just keeps getting better and his style slightly changes I think to suit him better. He is by far my single favorite DJ. If I could host a 1 night party/gig at a decent venue I would pay to fly this guy out!
He plays everything from new hip hop to hard dance trance with a little Latin flare its all here in this live video recording! Its definitely music you can just start chillin' with a good vibe. Please take the time to view his entire show as you will not want to miss out on any part of it! Seriously, if you want true organically spun music that will take you to that "good place" this is it! This is the main site filled with other great DJ's with there own personal genre. Has a list of all the DJ's that spin live for
And PROPS to the main man that I beleive created this great site

!! DAN BINO !!

Favorite Lounge music albums

Although I dont have a favorite, I can list a few of my most played. These ones I listen to (or try to listen to ) daily. My favorites change frequently so this is my most recent list!

Frequent Flyer: First Class- Thievery Corp.
Bar Lounge Classics- Vincenzo and Rivera
Grand Slam- Richard Dorfmeister
The Understanding- Royksopp ( "What else is there" Is a great song!!!)

These are a few off the top of my head that I have recently enjoyed alot.

Related artists to Cinematic Orchestra ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

If you are into The Cinematic Orchestra you might also like these artists.
As One

Broadway Project


Fila Brazillia


Funki Porcini

Innerzone Orchestra (Carl Craig)

Jaga Jazzist

Shawn Lee

Nostalgia 77

Quantic Soul Orchestra


St. Germain


Lounge Artist Hooverphonic ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)


Hooverphonic is based in Belgium, a small European country with a strong music scene featuring an open air festival tradition that starts as early as 1959.
Hooverphonic's career has been marked from the beginning by international recognition, when the song '2 Wicky' was chosen for the movie 'Stealing Beauty' by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci. From then on, their music kept appearing in movies, TV shows and commercials in the States, as well as in Spain and Japan. You find a nearly complete list in the FAQ.

If Hooverphonic's '97 debut 'A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular' clearly showed trip hop roots, the band has evolved since with three albums in five years. In 2001 they headlined at the Werchter festival in front of a crowd of 50.000.
In 2003 they released 'Sit Down and Listen to', live recorded with a string quartet and followed by a tour with more than 60 concerts in 9 countries.

Hooverphonic features the same core trio since 8 years. Alex Callier, bass player, main songwriter and producer, is the main musical force together with guitar player Raymond Geerts, both coming from the city of Sint-Niklaas. They were joined by Geike Arnaert who replaced Lies Sardonius and gave the band its definitive voice and face in '97, at the age of 17.
Hooverphonic are currently working on their fifth studio album.

GEIKE ARNAERT - I was raised in a village called Westouter near the Belgian-French border. My two sisters are very good singers. I took violin lessons for three years, then I learned to play the piano in my performing arts school. My mom used to play the piano and my dad used to be a DJ for weddings, until unfortunately his record collection melted in his van.
Some favorite records: Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left / Boudewijn De Groot - De Eenzame Fietser / Billie Holiday - Lady in Satin / Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash / Fiona Apple - When the Pawn / Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares for me / Elvis Costello - North / Joni Mitchell - Blue / Neil Young - After the Gold Rush / Bonnie Raitt - Bonnie Raitt /Sophie Zelmani - Sing and Dance / Anthony & the Johnsons - I Am a Bird Now

ALEX CALLIER - My father had a vastly eclectic album collection that remains quite impressive. I remember him playing music from all genres: classical, jazz, rock, pop, and metal...well, he did have some Jimi Hendrix albums. I have a film school degree specializing in Sound Engineering. I started Midi Programming at school, skipping classes to experiment in the school's studio.
Some favorite records: Sea Change - Beck / Out of Season - Beth Gibbons / Histoire de Melody Nelson - Serge Gainsbourg / Engine - American Music Club / Goldfrapp - felt mountain / Secrets of the Beehive - David Sylvian / Among my Swan -Mazzy Star / The Queen is Dead - Smiths / Protection - Massive Attack / Scott 4 - scott walker / Bossa Nova - Pixies / After the Goldrush - Neil Young

RAYMOND GEERTS - I started playing drums but that wasn't very practical because my parents lived in an apartment, so I began teaching myself the guitar - much easier on the neighbours. 70's Glam Bands such as The Sweet, T-Rex, and KISS inspired me to actually pick up a guitar and teach myself how to play it. KISS is my all-time favourite band, I even have a collection of KISS memorabilia. And I know that there are many artists out there who are avid KISS fans and list KISS among their list of influences - from Garth Brooks to Madonna - I mean, in New Orleans we were in Trent Reznor's (Nine Inch Nails) studio and he has a room there totally dedicated to KISS.
Some favorite records: The Brian Setzer Orchestra - The Dirty Boogie / KISS -- Dynasty / Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon / Chris Isaak - Wicked Game / Cousteau - Cousteau / Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain / David Sylvian - Secrets of the Beehive / Portishead - Dummy / Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson / Fiona Apple - Tidal

What is Lounge Music? ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

I hate when people ask me, "what kind of music do you listen to" and most of the time its someone who likes RAP OR COUNTRY. I dont know how to answer. When I say Lounge music they look at me and say "like elevator music?" NO! NO? I can't describe it. So if anyone is checking this blog out and doesn't grasp what true lounge is then here.This will explain everything about lounge music. Wikipedia Lounge Music

Lounge and watch some tv ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

Play some tv on veoh this is my prefered network for shows its has a lot of good anime series but has alot of other content too!

Dj-ette 69 ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

The lounge kings' DJ-ette agent 69 has her own site. I got stoked when i saw this site! I knew it would lead me to a whole new group of lounge artists. Sometimes you get stuck in a loop of artists that you here over and over. Not sayin' its a bad thing but I love variety and change.

- Atmosphere 69/

Pandora or not? ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

I was searching for a song and i found this place called JANGO it looks similar to pandora. you type in a artist and it brings up similar artists and music. not too bad though you can select what plays unlike pandora, pandora is more like a radio which i dont mind. everyone should have a pandora account as far as im concerned. GET PANDORA
its at the bottom of the page

Time Killer ( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

If you got some this is the place to kill it. When ever I have got some time to kill I just go here and get lost in all the games. Its pretty fun just click here on POGO My favorite is either the high stakes pool or the high stakes poker. The poker is definitly fun!

EZ Mondo Radio Free Music -( Lounge Music, ProLounge)

I was searching for some lounge king music this week. I went to the lounge kings site and i found this sweet site check it out I forget the name of the band I listened too but it was real chill, low key. Try it out. The only downside is it doesn't look like they update it frequently.

Lounge music from

I always keep an eye out for places where I can get some Lounge cd's but most of the time I end up buying them from Amazon or Extremely cheap on some cd's. View these places for all things lounge.


Donate some money to the It is my favorite radio station. I have listened to it for years now, and with everyones' help many more years to come! lounge-radio